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HITman Pro

Why this anti-virus, anti-spyware program?
Hitman Pro does not interfere with any memory resident program you may be running. Typically running two anti-virus programs can cause problems with the computer. Because Hitman Pro uses the latest technology, Cloud Computing, this is not a concern.

Why do I need to run another anti-virus, anti-spyware program anyway?
Many research study have concluded that even though computers were protected with an anti-virus program, 32% still got infected.

Will this slow my computer down?
No. There is no degradation in computer performance using Hitman Pro.

My current anti-virus program takes hours to complete. How long does a Hitman Pro scan take?
The typical scan is usually completed in less than 5 minutes.

How does Hitman Pro work?
Hitman Pro uses Behavioral Scan and Cloud Scan.

What is Behavioral Scan?
Behavioral Scan uses the extensive research done by SurfRight to determine common characteristics of malware. The information obtained doing the research is used when Behavioral Scan scans the computer for virus type activities and/or suspicious files which have characteristics similar to malware.

What is Scan Cloud?
The Scan Cloud are many computers connected to each other which are on the Internet. When Hitman Pro discovers files classified as suspicious, a request for confirmation is sent to the Scan Cloud.

What happens when Hitman Pro finds malware?
When Hitman Pro determines a file is behaving like malware, it is placed into quarantine. Once false positives are ruled out, the file is removed from the computer.

Software download is for 32-bit operating systems only.
For 64-bit software, please download this version of HITman Pro.

HITman Services Consumer Awareness Malware Guide

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